Cynwyd Heritage Trail

While running down Conshohoken State Road towards Philadelphia, a little cafe was nestled into the arch of the bridge near the Cynwyd Station.  We were only about eight miles into the long run, but it’s always good to know where cafes are located for future reference and for my coffee addiction.

To our surprise, the cafe was located at the trailhead for the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.  Bonus! So, Phil and I did what any runner would do and took the trail.  The CHT gently sloped down to the Schuylkill River and over the Manayunk Bridge.  From there, you can pick up the towpath and eventually run to downtown Philadelphia on the SRT, which is perfect for a long run of any length.

Now that we know where this trail is located, I can skip the steep hills of Wynnewood near the cemetery and the sidewalk-less back roads of Bala Cynwyd.  There were times on this run that I thought I was going to die with the cars whizzing past, blasting my face with hot air. Phil ran ahead around some of the blind curves to make sure that no cars were coming, which freaked me out since there was no where to go on the side of the road except into the brush.  At times, I ran so close to the trees and brush that I thought for sure I would get poison ivy. I didn’t.  And I didn’t get any ticks either.

Thankfully, the only casualty on this long run was my runner’s pride. After I reached the summit of what turned out to be a tiny bump in elevation on my Garmin, I glanced to the left to see a grave digger preparing a site for someone’s dearly departed. I wanted a rest after walking uphill, but not one that lasted forever. By the time we turned around and headed home, the two of us realized that we only needed to run four more miles to reach our house, making our long run two miles short of our goal of 16 miles. I was finished for the day anyway and will try for 16 next week.

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