Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon

I have never run the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon before in Hampton, VA, and when I found out many of my running friends were also running, I had to do it. Mira hosted a pre-race pasta dinner, so everyone could get together and look normal before donning running attire early the next morning. We all look different when we’re running after all. Unfortunately, our fearless leader, Cathy, couldn’t make it because she’s in Texas now.


There are so many stories to tell and so many things that happened in this race, but some of them aren’t mine to share, so I’ll talk about my race experience and keep the rest between us runners. Race morning was warm and humid with the dew point around 70, so I knew a PR was out of the question for me; I’m a cold weather runner like most runners and prefer the mid 50s for a PR day. My plan was to keep up with Mira for as long as I could and help her get as close to her PR as possible. That soon went out the window too.

By mile 3, my jaw started going numb, which signaled that I needed to eat much sooner than I anticipated. I walked through the next water stop, grabbing more water and Gatorade, and in the process, lost Mira, Megan, and Hua. I figured I would run on my own for the rest of the race. Mira was in my sight about 50 feet ahead of me, and if she held her pace, I would never catch her. I was totally surprised when I did catch up with her because she’s fast, but cramps in her calves and dizziness plagued her from mile 5 in the race and stayed with her for the rest of the course.

With Mira’s crampy calves, the hot and humid weather, and my IT bands screaming along with the arch in my foot, we decided to run the race as a nice training run in which we earn a medal at the end. This was the best thing to do. We enjoyed the course and the after party, sampling the different craft beers and enjoying crab chowder soup. I think this race needs to become a yearly tradition.

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