Finding the Beautiful

Fall is sometimes false in Philadelphia. The crisp morning doesn’t crinkle the leaves on the trail, shattering them like the broken glass of beer bottles across the asphalt. Instead, the leaves droop with moisture from last night’s fog and sag into the Schuylkill River to float downstream to the Delaware. Pedestrians carry their sweaters and scarves like small burdens in their hands as if they were hoping that the morning would be pumpkin spice ready only to be proven wrong once they stepped outside. Rowers glide idly by while the trees rain down leaves in red and gold.

This hazy day is a gift before the winds of winter bring frost and sleet and snow, and even though I dislike warm weather for running, I’ll bask in this respite between seasons. My eyes follow the drops of yellow to the ground, and I nod at runners I meet along the trail curving into the city.

My run is slow, and when I stop half way on the long run to sip some water and eat some gummies, I pull out my phone to snap a few pictures to remind me of this day. The clouds are wispy and high in the atmosphere, the city sings with the sounds of steel on steel and beeping cars, the Canadian geese dip into the river, and I hear a few construction workers behind me, chatting on their break.  One of the men sees me taking a picture, smiles at me, and then lifts up his phone too. “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? he says. And I couldn’t agree more.

His simple gesture reminded me to find the beautiful and share it. You’re in it. Look around.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you find beautiful on your runs or walks.

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