Go Without


Rain poured down on the pavement as I looked out the window. Zoey clearly has the right idea. I already sent the kid off to school, washed the dishes, started the laundry, and checked on my runners, which means that all I needed to do was put on my running shoes and go outside.

But, that’s easier said than done.

I was overly motivated yesterday: I went to spin class at the Y, swam 1600 meters, and went for a run before dinner. For some reason, I had boundless energy! I have absolutely none of that today. I stared at the rain outside and took a deep breath while still in my pajamas. I badly wanted a cup of coffee to drink while I sat my butt down on the sofa.

I decided to run anyway. I went upstairs and changed into my running tights, a long-sleeved shirt, and a ball cap to keep my face sort of dry in the rain. I put my watch on, but hid it under my sleeve–I didn’t plan to turn it on, but the OCD me couldn’t leave it on the dresser; I wanted to count my steps even if I wasn’t tracking my run. I tucked my keys in the pouch and left my phone on the table by the door and went outside.

It was a strange feeling not turning on my watch and waiting for it to catch the satellite signal–I could just run. So that’s what I did. The rain fell harder as I ran up the hill to the trail. A stray car splashed water up on the sidewalk. I dodged puddles left and right. I didn’t care how fast or how slow I ran–just that I ran. And that’s enough.

Go without some time, and let me know how your run felt.

2 thoughts on “Go Without

  1. I hate running naked, but sometimes I think it’s therapeutic. It’s amazing how addicted we get to having our data with us. Good for you keeping the watch turned off.

    1. It is so hard, but I might try to keep the watch off once a week on one of my easy run days. It’s crucial to run by how you feel than always relying on your watch.

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