Turkey Trot

When I was a kid, Turkey Trots were few and far between in Ohio. We had our turkey dinner earlier than most, around noon, and after the dishes were washed and dried; before the coffee was brewed and dessert served, we walked up to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo from my yiayia’s house on West 47th in Old Brooklyn. It was a brisk fifteen minute walk in the cold, but once we were there, all of the animals were active in the frigid temperatures. The zoo was also free on Thanksgiving to Cuyahoga County residents.

Seeing that I usually walked on Thanksgiving, a Turkey Trot sounds like a logical progression. I never ran a Turkey Trot until this past Thanksgiving while visiting my friend, Cathy, and her family in Corpus Christi, Texas. I guess I should have known my turkey trot drought would come to an end on this trip since Cathy is one of my best running friends.

Cathy is known among my running friends as the Bionic woman or the Iron Woman. A rest day for her is teaching a spin class after a 10 mile run. Seriously. Two days after running Boston for the third time, she’s running an easy 8 miler. Two days after a 50K, she’s hitting the pavement again and running long by the end of the week. I guess that’s the only way I can keep up with this incredible triathlete, Boston marathoner, and ultra runner: hope she’s still tired from her 50K trail race.

She wasn’t. At the start of the Turkey Trot, Cathy kept a conservative pace, but by the end of the race, I couldn’t catch her. Maybe it was the heat? Maybe it was the humidity? Maybe it was the Texas sun? Maybe she’s just Cathy: invincible.

The Corpus Christi Turkey Trot is the only trot in the city. About 500 runners ran the two loops for a total of four miles that began in one of the historic sections of the city. The course wasn’t really scenic, but it was flat, which is a win in my book. I never thought I would run a Turkey Trot in shorts and a tank top. Thank you, Cathy, for making this happen. We will see you later!

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