No Time for Resolutions

With the new year, many people think resolutions need to be made, and personally, I don’t do that. I like the anxiety-filled, running-crazy, freak that I am. So, I keep it simple and think of what small things I would like to do each day and how those small things lead to my long term goals. For instance, I need to cut back on my Starbucks trips to reduce my Starbucks lid around my waist. I also need to plan out my meals better, and if that means making sure there’s some frozen ravioli and sauce ready to go, so be it as long as it prevents me from ordering pizza on a weeknight. Anyway…

I begin at the end with my long term goals that I probably didn’t accomplish last year (hey, they’re long term goals). My long term goals for 2017 are:

  1. Complete a Half Ironman (I signed up for the Atlantic City Half on September 17). This was a goal from last year, but I moved, didn’t sign up for a race in time, excuse, excuse, excuse… I’m signed up for a race now. No more excuses.
  2. Finish my book (I’m currently over 100 pages in, single-spaced). I think in about 20-30 pages, I’ll be finished writing. Totally doable for this year.
  3. Travel (some trips are planned and some are in the planning process).

Super Long Term Goals or Dreamy Goals:

  1. Get my book published.
  2. Visit every continent and as many countries as possible.
  3. Run the marathon in Athens, Greece.
  4. Complete a Full Ironman.
  5. Qualify for Boston.
  6. Continue to paint, read, write, and run.

So, I then write my short term goals which are basically my daily goals and figure out how they help me with my long term goals:

  1. Read a book for 10 minutes every day (hmmm… before bedtime seems to work). If I want to be a writer, reading is part of the job. I can’t write in isolation.
  2. Read the paper daily (I do this while sipping coffee). I need to be informed, and reading the paper is the best way. I can’t stand watching TV.
  3. Go to bed early by 10:30pm. Uggh. This is HARD. So, so HARD. I am a night owl and always have been, but I like to run early in the morning.
  4. Write every day. My daily goal is one sentence for my memoir each day. I also write in my journal almost every day for 5-10 minutes. If too many days go by in which I don’t write, then I tend to forget about it.
  5. Plan out my workouts and race calendar. I do this every four weeks. If I don’t have a plan, I won’t workout. The race calendar pretty much stays the same and begins as a document in the previous year with races I’ve committed to and notes about races I would like to do, but can’t because they cost money, and I would go broke racing all the time. Baby steps.
  6. Cut out some sugar: one trip to the coffee shop per week. This is harder than going to bed at 10:30pm. And, drink my coffee black at home. I’ll start with weaker coffee.

Gee. I like to make lists. Thanks, mom and dad. Every so often, I revisit my long-term and dreamy goals and see if I’m making progress, which means I denote checkpoints in my calendar to remind me; otherwise, I’ll get entrenched in my daily goals and forget why I’m doing all of this. I write down when I plan to sign up for a race, budget permitting, or when I want to begin researching publishers. You get the idea. And, now I need to go to bed soon. I have another thirty minutes before 10:30.

So, what are your goals for 2017? What will you do for yourself?

2 thoughts on “No Time for Resolutions

  1. Nice goals! My short term goal is to get my marathon time back under 4:30. Longer term goals are to run the Chicago Marathon and the London Marathon.


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