Double Bridge Run 15K

The Double Bridge Run 15K in Pensacola, FL is one of my favorite races, and the reason why I have run it four times. The race begins near the Wahoos’ Stadium along the newly rebuilt waterfront and winds through parts of historic downtown Pensacola before crossing the Three Mile Bridge over the Santa Rosa Sound to Gulf Breeze. Once in Gulf Breeze, the 15K runners pass the start of the 5K and then go over the Bob Sikes Bridge to Pensacola Beach for the post race party.

I used to live in Pensacola when Phil was in flight training and again when he was an instructor pilot for the Navy. While there, I taught at three area schools and met one of my first running buddies, Donna. Although I ran the 5K once, the other three times I’ve run the race have been with Donna who is a Pensacola local even though she doesn’t live there anymore.

This year we each ran our own races– Donna is getting back to running long distances and wanted to go at her own pace, Phil ran his usual fast pace ahead of us, and I wanted to enjoy the race and the scenery. The views from the Three Mile Bridge of the Sound are phenomenal with sightings of dolphins, pelicans flying overhead, and the sunrise with the wind at your back. I look forward to the completion of the new bridge with a separate bridge for walking, running, and cycling over the Sound which will be completed in 2020.

I will be back to run this race again, maybe when the new bridge is completed or maybe sooner. I can’t seem to stay away from the white sand beaches of Pensacola for long.  This year, Donna got a PR, and I also had a course PR. I didn’t run as fast as I could have, but I enjoyed slowing down to watch the waves with the wind gently nudging me forward.

If you’re interested in running this race, check out the website:

Double Bridge Run

Happy running, y’all (as they say in the South).

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