In the Saddle


This is Bia, my bike, named for the Greek goddess of force, Nike’s sister. She has been stuck on the trainer since November during the cold winter months that should include February and March; however, the forecast for this weekend is sunny with temperatures in the 60s. That’s springtime bike-riding weather!

Some snow still clings to the shaded areas along the otherwise clear roads and trails, so I’m heading out this weekend for a ride to see if all of that time on the trainer with Bia while staring at a basement wall going nowhere has paid off in faster speeds. If not, at least I’ll feel faster outside, whizzing by the trees along the Schuylkill at Valley Forge.

I tested Bia’s lights, filled up the tires, and dusted her before popping the back wheel off of the trainer and onto level ground. Her wheels wanted forward movement after being stuck for so long. The saddle bag has a spare tube and tools, and the air pump is secure on the bar. All I need to do is fill up the water bottles and go. And, I can’t wait.

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