Bike Time

I think Punxsutawney Phil was sorely mistaken when he went back in his burrow, subsequently predicting another six weeks of winter. What does that groundhog know? Last week, temperatures reached into the low 70s in the middle of February, so I did the most logical thing in the world: I popped Bia off of the trainer and took her outside for a ride along the Schuylkill River Trail.

I know it seems silly to put your bike on the rack and drive to a trail, but I’m deathly afraid of vehicles hitting me, and I want to go fast without having to stop at red lights. And, if I don’t stop at red lights in my neighborhood, my fears become reality. Hitting the trail prevents me from being roadkill, and I can pick up speed. Plus, the SRT is paved which means it’s smooth and perfect for my road bike.

Besides other cyclists and runners on the trail, the flowers are totally confused as to what time of year it is and hesitantly popped up along the path. Phil, I really disagree with you; you should have stayed outside and smelled the buttercups. Unless, you have allergies like I do and need to blow your nose often.

Runny nose and all, I rode along the SRT from Valley Forge to Conshohoken and back, passing Valley Forge and heading to Phoenixville. Lots of people were out, but it wasn’t too crowded to prevent me from going fast, well fast for me anyway. I saw the local sheriff on his bike patrolling the trail near Norristown and waved. I followed the flow of the river to Philadelphia before riding upriver to my car.

Riding the trail allows me to cover more ground and check out the trail conditions and scenery before planning a run there. I’ll certainly be back to this section of the SRT with my bike or with my running shoes.

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