Cloud Shoes


Jumping from cloud to cloud and squeaky clean, I ran to the local trail. Each step bounced me forward, and all the pain in my left foot vanished with the cushioning in my brand new Hokas, shoes that are the SUVs of comfort and cushy support in the running world. These are my new long-distance shoes.

I forgot about the cold wind blowing tears out of my eyes; I forgot about my buff making me look like I’m going to rob a 7-11; I forgot about the numbness in my hands; I forgot about the wind chill cutting me to the bone: I had clouds on my feet and all is well. I floated up and down the hills on the dirt trail and left the geese far behind me. I flew towards the end of the path to catch the tailwind and change my fortune, sending me home.

In the clouds of my dreams, I can run fast enough for Boston and sprint around the track at top speed like a kid. I can attempt parkour and not break a bone. I can leap over all of the hurdles in my way so none of them hit me in the butt. I have a stride like a gazelle with my new speedy pace.

With my new shoes, I can do anything–my feet feel like magic in my dreams. Actually, with my new shoes I can run long distances and that’s enough.

One thought on “Cloud Shoes

  1. I have been wearing them for 3 years now and they have become my go to shoes. I used to run in minimalist shoes, Pure Flows and Newton Gravitys, until I saw Cathy running in them at a 6@6 run. Have been running in them ever since.


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