Conshy Classic 5K

After all of the warm weather we’ve been enjoying in the Philadelphia region, the snow on Friday brought cold air behind it for a freezing 5K on Saturday. Winds were 16 mph from the northeast, which meant that the wind chill made it feel like it was 16 degrees. I thought my face had been shot full of novocaine it was so numb.

Fortunately, this was a small race with only 316 participants. Packet pick up was located at the Conshohocken Fire Station #2 that happened to be across the street from a cozy coffee shop. We all arrived early, thinking parking would be an issue; it wasn’t, so we had over an hour to wait before the start of the race. Was I going to wait outside? Nope. Was I going to eat a stale pretzel from the local church while standing in the fire station? Nope. We all ran across the street to the coffee shop instead.

The kiddo ate a lovely yogurt parfait while the adults sipped on mochas and chai tea lattes. And, the coffee shop had clean bathrooms–no port-o-potties for us! I could have easily stayed there all day underneath the heater rather than braving the cold for the race.

About 20 minutes before the race start, we walked back to the fire station to check out the 1941 fire truck and chat with the volunteer firefighters the run was benefitting. We all took turns sitting in the driver’s seat with the double clutch, but ringing the antique bell was a not possible within the confines of the station.

At race time, the kid and I lined up in the middle of the pack and took off speeding down the hill on Fayette Street. This is a two loop course only on Fayette Street, so we ran up and down the giant hill twice. A fire truck waited at each turn around and some firefighters ran the whole 5K in full gear. The kiddo paced herself better this time and finished in 31:22, which was fast enough for 2nd place in the under 19 age group. She received a $20 gift card for the Bryn Mawr Running Company! Yay!

Jan and Clint, Phil’s parents, stayed together and finished their second 5K and plan to tackle a 10K in the coming months. Afterwards, we all went to Maido! for some hot udon to warm up.

If you want to run the Conshy Classic 5K before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Conshohocken, PA, it benefits the all volunteer fire department and is hosted by the Bryn Mawr Running Company.

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