Time on My Butt


If they say that running is time on your feet, then cycling is time on your butt. I need to spend more time on my butt in June because cycling miles should be triple what they currently are.

Last week, I rode with the Human Zoom group out of Ardmore and fell off my bike. It wasn’t a dramatic fall, just a stupid fall at a stop of all things. My right foot was unclipped, but my left foot, my get down and off the bike foot, was not unclipped. Stupid me. My bike and I were almost horizontal in the middle of the road; at least there wasn’t traffic, only the twenty some odd cyclists around me.

I looked down at my calf that hit the gear wheel; it hurt and was smeared with grease. The bike pinned my other calf on the ground, but I got back on my bike quickly and pedaled onward. At the next stop, I saw blood dripping down my leg. Gross. Greasy and bloody and hurting like hell too. I bailed later on when opportunity struck, and by that I mean my friend was having stomach cramps from dehydration, so I decided to ride home with her. What a pair we were–stomach cramps and beat up and bloody calves. Cars sped by us, giving us a wide berth.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back next week and ready. I still have my new clips that feel like ice skates, but I’ll be alright. I’ll suck it up and get used to them because I’ve learned that cyclists are truly daredevils who ride 50mph downhill. Besides, I need more time on my butt.

2 thoughts on “Time on My Butt

  1. Had that exact same experience a couple years ago. I was doing an MS ride on the Eastern Shore and felt like I had mastered the clip/unclip thing long ago. We stopped at a traffic light and I unclipped my right but then, for whatever reason, leaned left. It was over. It’s amazing how helpless you feel when you begin to fall on a road bike a cannot get completely unclipped. Other than my ego, nothing was harmed. Keep up the great work!


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