Alma Mater Run


Every time I go home and visit family, I make it a point of running to my old high school, which is only 1.5 miles from my childhood home. A three mile round trip run might not seem like a lot, but when I was in high school, I wasn’t a runner and couldn’t run to my school and back even when I played soccer in the fall, swam in the winter, and played soccer again in the spring.

I ran the length of my mom’s street to where it dead ends and made the turn into Cuyahoga Community College, which is located directly across the street from my old high school. I ran by the ponds usually filled with Canadian geese and nodded to commuters on their way to class.

I pressed the button to cross York Road and ran along Independence Boulevard to take a look at my old school. It’s tired and showing its age. I wondered if it always looked that way and I never noticed. The district threatened to close it due to a lack of funding, but community members wanted to keep it open. Still, it’s my alma mater and always will be. I am stronger now than I was in high school, and I plan to keep it that way.

One thought on “Alma Mater Run

  1. That is really funny, I never thought about how short those runs would feel now! I used to bike to the school and I remember how far that felt.


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