Bike Braids

BraidsI know this might not seem like a big deal, but it means a lot to me: my hair is finally long enough to put in braids as I ride. This is cause for celebration because my usual unruly, half curly, sometimes straight, yet frizzy hair is difficult to tie back in a ponytail before throwing a bike helmet over my head without feeling like the helmet is pulling my hair out.

Now, I have braids. Yeah, they’re short and stick out like Pippy’s braids, but my hair fits comfortably under my bike helmet and doesn’t look too bad after a ride either. I call that winning.

As my hair gets a little longer, I’ll sport this style for my next race in the Atlantic City Half Ironman in September. The braids will easily tuck into a cap, go under the bike helmet, and require no adjusting when I throw my visor on for the run. I finally found a way to prevent having to redo my hair for the run and keep it out of my face without cutting it short.

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