Running Form

Running form is something that is not often taught since most people will encourage you to run however you run. However, there are a few tips you can keep in mind for good form.

  1. Get fitted with a good pair of running shoes and retire those shoes after 300-500 miles.
  2. To begin running, stretch your arms to the sky with your shoulders back, lean forward, and go! Your arms should be bent around a 90 degree angle, never letting your elbows go past your torso.
  3. Run with a high cadence to prevent injury (170 steps per minute or more, and 185 is ideal).
  4. Land mid foot to forefoot. If you are a heel striker, your body actually stops moving for a moment, slowing you down.
  5. Keep your elbows back, and if you want to go faster, pump them back, keeping them close to your body without your arms crossing your midline.

That’s it! Focus on one technique at a time, and your running form will start to improve. I’m still working on mine, especially when I get tired. And, running isn’t always glamorous: the above video was shot in my basement while it poured outside, but I got it done.

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