Triathlon Skills Swim Workout

It’s getting colder!

Water temperatures here in the Philadelphia area are way too frigid for open water swimming, even with a wetsuit. So, if you want to get a jump start on your triathlon and open water skills while swimming in a pool, then this workout is for you. Join me at the Haverford Area YMCA on Saturday, December 9 at 8am for this workout or get a few of your swimming buddies and head to your local pool.

Be prepared, you’ll do lots of kicking, but as a triathlete, if you drag your legs on the swim, you’re wasting your energy and messing up your swimming form so kick, kick, and kick some more.  Lots of triathletes say, “But, coach, I’m saving my legs for the bike.” Whatever. Don’t make me slap some sense into you: a good kick is a MUST for all swimmers and triathletes. Got it? Good.

Triathlon Skills Workout with LOTS of Kicking: (grab some fins if needed)

Warm up: 

500 swim

300 pull

4x50s drills as kick on side for 6 kicks and take 3 strokes, REPEAT

100 kick on back or with board

200 easy swim

100 kick on back or with board

Warm up total: 1400 yards or meters

Main Set:

16x25s as 25 sighting every 6-9 strokes (think alligator eyes by lifting your head so that your goggles are above the surface of the water, but not your whole head). Once in the deep end, get out of the water and jump off the starting blocks, pretending you are jumping from a dock and have an unknown depth of water below you. Use a stride jump and practice holding your goggles in place.

25 swim back to the shallow end with bilateral breathing every 3 strokes. REST.

25 swim, one person per lane, with eyes closed, sighting every 4 strokes with eyes open in the alligator eye position. Once in the deep end, do 3×30 seconds of vertical kicking with 10 seconds rest.

25 swim back to the shallow end and pass the swimmer in front of you. This is where you will use your swimming buddy–they’ll start and you’ll catch them and pass them. Make sure you switch next time. REST

REPEAT For 16 total 25s

1800 yards or meters

Cool Down: 

500 easy

300 pull

200 swim or stroke

Total distance: 2800 yards or meters. 


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