This isn't the post I planned on writing. I wanted to write about the #goals for this year and how 2020 was going to be THE year for all things triathlon where old records would be smashed with the backing of solid nutrition, hard-earned weight loss, and a good training plan. Funny. But that's not … Continue reading #Goals

AC 70.3

This post is so long overdue with the triathlon season wrap up! I mean, where did August go with warm water temperatures and long hot days? Here we are in October, almost the off-season, and I'm looking ahead to prepping some athletes for fall half marathons or full Ironmans for 2020. For the Atlantic City … Continue reading AC 70.3

Tri AC

Atlantic City's neon skyline lights up the predawn sky across the back bay. The buoys are out for the swim course on the black water. There was no need for headlamps with the the huge spotlights flooding Bader Field. I easily found my racked bike and started setting up transition, keeping an eye on the … Continue reading Tri AC